Transformation for The Entire Gym

So a few years ago we had 173 people on a 12 week transformation. We called it, The 100 Before and After Party. The idea was simple, let’s try to do the biggest group transformation in Ireland. (That we knew of anyway) 

People trained in the gym, the classes, the courses, personal training and online with our simple program. Plus, we created a group on Facebook to share live videos, motivation and anything else we could think of to help.  

It worked. It worked really well and we had a party after it. DJ, music, drinks and friendship.  

This January we’re doing the same thing. Except we are taking votes on the party/get together as it will be St. Patrick’s weekend in Ireland and we understand people may have plans. We are starting on The first week January 2019 and the after photo shoot is on March 15th & 16th. These are the dates where the after photos will be taken in the Gym. 

The registration fee is €40 and covers admin and your STAYFIT limited edition T Shirt.  

Online Training as part of the transformation is €75 per month. This is for members who wish to train in a different gym or at home. (You will need Access to dumbbells or kettlebells) 


The support  

• Facebook group with live videos  

• Comprehensive Nutritional Coaching  

• Basic Fit Studios transformation exercise program  


The After Photo, a moment in time where you dedicated yourself to achieve a look, a shape, a number on the scales and a sense of achievement. A moment in time that you will keep forever and use for your own motivation when ever you need it. The After Photo is one of the best ways for accountability to a program or basic nutrition plan.