Hung over, hanging, in bits, tired, bollo**d....

Right now a lot of Irish people are one of the above or all them as result of the silly season kicking off in Dublin. Here’s some nutrition hacks if you have a festive party season planned. 

1) The strategic glass of water

It seems obvious but adding in one water every couple of drinks will really help you stay hydrated and thus making the next day easier.


2) Water, Sugar & Salt  

As part of the recovery process drink a glass of water with a tea spoon of sugar and a pinch of salt after every visit to the bathroom and drink this first thing in the morning. This mix will hydrate you very fast and replenish sugar and salts lots from all that crazy disco dancing. Your blood sugar does run low as a result of drinking Alcohol. 



3) Fast acting Carbohydrates  & Small dose of Caffenine 

Ditch the porridge! This isn’t the time for a slow steady start. You need to reboot the system and replace what you spent!  

Slices of water melon combined with coffee. Americano and Water melon. The water melon is a water based nutrient dense food that is also a fast acting hydrating fruit! This refreshing red colour juicy fruit is a vital ingredient when you’re hungover. 



Good source of potassium and fiber!  

Coffee and Hungover  

Yes, a little caffeine can help alleviate some hangover symptoms, but downing a two giant mugs might add a caffeine withdrawal to your hangover misery. Caffeine narrows your blood vessels and boosts your blood pressure – both bad for your hangover. 

4) Fight it with FATS 

The brain just took a beating, so replenish the brain with brain fuel: Healthy fats like

Eggs & Avocado 


5) Bananas

Bananas also contain healthy amounts of magnesium and potassium, which are depleted with the consumption of alcohol and also contribute to the booze blues.


Stay  classy Dublin!