After a decade of nutrition


For those who care,

Over the past decade I’ve watched trainers, coaches, doctors, surgeons, taxi drivers, bus drivers, office staff, well... nearly every profession and nearly every type of person that I’m going to meet, struggle with eating healthy food for a long period of time. The reasons are usually the same... “It’s Hard”



Which in turn suggests external stresses in their life of a hectic lifestyle or work lifestyle is to blame. I believe that if you didn’t pick it up at home you’ve a much harder chance to get it right. BUT, some are forced to eat well at home and then rebel later in life too so there’s a delicate educational pathway that needs careful instruction and there’s quite a lot of self discovery that needs to happen along the way.

“The person needs to discover a stronger reason than taste to enjoy food.”

If you go on taste only you end up being a slave to hyper palatable foods. This is scientific, we know this. We know this to be true. Some foods are like cocaine to the brain. 

Here’s some questions:

What would it take for eating healthy to be no longer a difficult task?

What would it take for you to stop fighting it with negative thoughts of deprivation?

What if those thoughts were positive and affirming and where reinforced by a better environment for you?

What would happen then?

Are you telling me if that (X,Y and Z) were fixed in your life that you would then go eat healthy?


If you are then go fix X,Y and Z


We know that the food you eat effects your mood, digestion, body and brain chemistry. We know this. It’s factual it’s been proven. We know what works.


My last question is why are you fighting it? Why are you fighting the need to live a better life?


If your answer the stress caused by

• The kids

• The relationship

• The job

• The house

• The commute

You need to take a look at yourself in the mirror with a dose of reality and hardship. Because this is life. Everyday isn’t sunny, it can’t be. Everyday isn’t on your terms. Which further more proves that if it was on your terms their would be chaos as we can see this from your diet.

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