Riding two horses


“You can’t ride two horses with the one arse”


This mornings breakfast as you can see isn’t a small meal. That’s because most people don’t think about the size of the task that they are asking their body to do. 

If you want to DRAMATICALLY change your body there’s two things to really accept.  

1) Training frequency- The more you do it, the better you get at it. The more you do it intentionally and intensely the more your body will transform. The transformation process is like an optical illusion. Your weight will go up and down clothing will fit and not fit and then fit better and then not fit because well, clothing manufacturers don’t tailor clothes to be frank about it.  

2) Nutrition is the fuel for your body to transform and then maintain this new body.  

Read that line 10 times over. If you want to exercise more, you will not be able to keep up with eating less and less. 

 “You cant ride two horses with the one arse” 

It will generally go in this direction:  

  • Training first then upping the frequency 
  • Understanding what calories are and that cookies and rice are not the same. Even if you decide to put an even amount of calories of each beside each other. The calories could be the same but what they are made up of is not. Some people including fitness “gurus” will sell you mutton dresses as lamb. Keep the calories from junk food really under control. REALLY.  
  • So more training needs more fuel and more fuel needs more education into where to get good sources of fuel from in your list of foods that you are willing to eat.  
  • Once you can sustain that, then you have my permission to start taking calories away. We’ll start and no more than 300 cals a day and then you will have to prove you can keep that for 1-2 months. This plus activity will easily amount to a a decent amount of fat lost each week consistently. BUT when the body loses (x) amounts of fat things then change again. The body becomes extremely effective at telling you when it’s hungry and when it isn’t. Your digestive system works better, your mood is regulated better and your energy will have balance.  

In summary  

  1. Training frequency  
  2. Nutrition education  
  3. Proving you will not try to beat it by dropping your calories too much because we know you’ll fall off the wagon for the 50th time. 
  4. Rewarding yourself when you deserve it (this is up to your coach) 

The sole reason I say then you have my permission to take calories away is you showed yourself that you have self control. Most people will leave it to the last second and try crash diet. This can have very serious consequences including organ failure.  

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Enjoy the weekend