How to actually STAY FIT

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The aerobic energy system is what your body relies on 99.9% of the time throughout your life and it’s what’s responsible for creating all the energy your body needs to drive improvements in strength, power, endurance, etc.

The assault bike (pictured) gets a bad reputation for being a nasty machine that’s designed to obliterate you to the point of exhaustion. We can easily do that with any tool, that’s not how you train, because it’s very hard to recover from that training if you always train like that.  


Getting FIT should always come first, combined with stability and strength. It’s a union of physical attributes that will speed up your athleticism and RESULTS faster than anything.  


Heart Rate Training  & Calories 

This is a topic that could be 10 hour podcast on its own but for the most part here’s the nitty gritty  

  • Your brain burns the most calories  
  • Emotional stress is very taxing on calories and ultimately..... energy  
  • Dieting and being very stressed won’t work
  • Trying to “Beast Mode” it with little knowledge of what you’re doing won’t work either.  
  • Learn your optimal heart rate training zones and be please to know that some days training at 65% - 75% of your max heart rate is more than enough for recoverable fitness training. This means it won’t blow you apart from the seems.  
  • The brain and heart dictate a lot, then we have the immune system and nervous system. Knowing how to train to ensure you can push hard when you need to and back off to recover is very important and both of these go hand in hand with nutrition but we put stress first. This is where one to one coaching comes in or group coaching.  

Train aerobically, some days go hard 85% - 90% some days cut it down to 60-70% and there’s room depending on your level for a lot more heart rate variability.  

Start with 5 mins of 65-75% of your max heart rate. Then look to increase this to 3 rounds of 5 minutes on a stationary bike or rower. You need a baseline and this baseline needs to be kept. This will ensure you can train hard. This baseline will be raised with time. 

The bottom line 

Do clever cardio but understand what your doing, don’t just make stuff up because you had a can of monster.  

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