Do you have a cheap mindset?

Is that why it isn’t working? 

Before you guess or wonder why certain exercises don’t work for you ask yourself an  honest question:

Are you cheap?  

Allow me to explain: Quite often I get the same question. It’s this ,”Steve can you just give me a simple food plan so I can sort this out”  well the problem here is the question. The question implies that the asker doesn’t really want to know why they are making mistakes, they just want to fix it. That’s it. 

Ignorance is bliss and accountability means we need to grow up so the former is much more appealing. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a negative nelly. It’s just that, well......... you NEED CLARITY and that comes with education and education and services cost time and investment and you will go on a journey of self development and that’s the whole point. 

We need to talk, we need to explain what is happening when you do x,y and z and we need you to understand it from a scientific point of view because this isn’t black magic. There is certain things you do and they matter. We live in a world where people want everything on their terms. That isn’t life. That’s tyranny with them being the tyrant of their own world.  People like this usually are “Stuck in their ways” 

Don’t have a cheap view of yourself because that’s what it translates into. We all have choices and choices have consequences and outcomes. It’s pretty clear. Your dentist says please stop eating so much sugar and soft drinks and brush your teeth more, you do for a week and then 1 year later complain about a €699 root canal. 

There’s a pattern here, a pattern of neglect. A lot of this is due to your environment, if you hung out with people who all spoke about teeth care and oral hygiene it would be safe to say your teeth would take priority because humans are like that. We like to fit in and we end up being the the sum of the people we spend the most time with. 


Staying motivated, healthy and fit isn’t an accident it’s on purpose and in an environment that encourages you do always be your best and nothing less.  

Be willing to learn and enjoy each session, because the process of working on yourself is a worthy goal and life is lived in the now. 

Elaine here below is recovering from cancer, I’ll never forget the day she told me she got cancer. As her coach it hurt as I connect with all my clients and how she has invested in herself way outside of the gym with books, food, relaxation, and training during treatment and operations and now in the clear is nothing short amazing . A true sign of someone who “gets it” . Elaine’s quote is “Live in the now, do all the things that make you feel good now”

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