The group environment

It’s more powerful than you think 

10am Circuits with Sinead 

10am Circuits with Sinead 

The group environment is one of your best places to flourish and most sports prove this. When people are in groups the energy in the room changes. A group of 3 is very different to group of 20. People feed off each other’s energy and witness some people training really hard, while others take a break then the vice versa. There’s great motivation in looking to your right or left and seeing the people around you literally in the same boat. For the first timer it’s not that easy it can be like entering a new school. However, that’s where a coach comes in to say hello or the staff around reception. 



Whether it’s a group of lads meeting once a week to train while listening to rock music, the environment that creates the nourishing atmosphere. Our classes are taught by very well qualified and experienced coaches who will teach you that this is about you moving frequently in a direction towards your goals. Personal trainers themselves all the time drop into our classes because they need that environment too. It happens a lot. 

The group environment also causes people to be more courteous to one another and friendships or training partners are made. Having a trainer partner is great, you two will always get the best out of each other by even being in the same room together. 

Give yourself a chance in either a beginners course, a 12 week course or even a month of classes and see what difference a positive group environment really makes.  


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