The Up and Down workout

If we speak about physiology we could call this peripheral heart action training or we could just say this one is going to challenge you while stimulating the big muscle groups. Put simply this one will help quite a lot of things including burning lots of calories. 

You see we don’t have to complicate things we just need to move and increase our work capacity because that’s  it really comes down to what total work can you get done in the time given. If you desire a full body training workout that ticks lots of boxes.  

Here we go  


Using Dumbells, travel from A1 to A6 without rest and complete as many rounds as possible in 30 mins using 7 reps for each exercise. This will be a weight that is challenging but not pure strength (1-5reps) and also not too light (25 reps) because we are looking for muscle work here big moves with decent weights. 

followed by 500m on the SKI ERG for time. 

A1) Single Arm Snatch from floor (right side) 

A2) Single Arm Snatch from floor (left side)  

A3) DB Squat cleans  

A4) DB) High Pull from Hang  

A5) Slam Balls  

A6) Chest to floor burpees  

Rest Period 1 minute to 90 seconds 

Target minimum  5 rounds  



35 Snatch  (right & left) (70)

35 Cleans  

35 DB High Pull from Hang  

35 Burpees  

35 Slam Balls

500m Skierg for time  


Muscles trained  

Shoulders, Quads, Hamstrings, Back, Arms 

Energy System  

Aerobic and Anerobic  


Stretch and walk 

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Written by Steve Doody