I feel better now than I did in my 20’s

YES, you heard that right man. You’re 40. You’ve been probably thinking to yourself ...

I’m old  

I’m not athletic  

I’ve a bad back/knee/Hip and no one understands  

or worse... 

You’re set in your ways like a stubborn old timer. 

 Here’s the truth ....

We hear this a lot.... more often than you would think. It’s actually the exact reason we done a beginners course and the obvious personal training. 

Not because you are too fat or weak but because we know what you mean. You’re SCARED, Worried about how hard it will be or what will everyone think when you’re red in the face and working hard. 

Heres what they will think exactly 

“Fair play that dude is working his a** off” 


Maybe you are in your 40’s like when Tony pictured here above started training with us. Tony has been consistent in his training and wasn’t a natural to exercise (not many people are) unless they’ve played sports as a child and even still then it’s not really guaranteed.  Like many people he just plain old fashioned works hard and works consistently and makes regular efforts with his lifestyle and diet. Regularly Tony says things like “I feel better now than I ever did in my 20’s” 

In recent weeks Tony told us that he was curious about his testosterone levels. So he organised to get it tested. Testosterone is the number one muscle building hormone we have. So to his delight he was told he has the testosterone levels of a 21 year old due to his better ways of living. 

Tony is just one of the many men here in their 40’s and 50’s who train, but regularly is the key 3-5 times per week. He also trains himself if he can’t make it to the gym because it just becomes part of his routine. 


The difference with our gym is accountability. This isn’t going to be a walk in the park. I can tell you that first hand. You will work and work hard because we can never lose sight of

“progress is made through consistent measurable effort”

If you want us to turn a blind eye to your bad habits and take your hard earned cash and give you a workout that you could get anywhere on YouTube. Well, this isn’t the place for you..... sorry we don’t do that.  

If you want to upgrade your life by commiting to a coach and yourself for at least 6 months well then we are the gym for you. If you are thinking of a transformation. We have 8 week courses, classes and personal training. There’s no easy way out guys, we’re here to get this done. Done right. We’re here to teach you how to STAYFIT for life. 


Elaine trained through chemotherapy and still trains. The doctors told her, your FIT lifestyle is really helping you. (30’s) 


Dave is training to help his disc issues stay controlled and his body strong for martial arts and stuntman work in his 30’s 


Andy is new to lifting weights and focusing on his wedding, in his 50’s


Georgia overcame anorexia (20’s)  


Jamie is starting strength at age 15. He is also now feeding himself correctly. 


Marlon from the Age of 15 to 17 learned how to get very strong to help his football ambitions. Recently signed for BOHs and was linked with FC Roma.


Mags (60’s) is training to stay fit and fight ankilosing spondylitis (Strain of Arthritis)  

The list goes on and on and on. 

It’s your call.  

Make the call.  

Dean Ward @Fit StudiosComment