Mix lifting with Cardio to lose fat

It may be a surprise to you that weights can be very hard on your cardio system. Don’t worry, simply lifting weights faster will really help that BUT there’s no rush.  

We know people are scared because largely people give too many f****s what they think other people will think. The truth is, nobody cares but you and your coach.  


Understanding your program and approach to training is how you get results. Your education and willingness to learn then being honest and open with your coach about life outside of the gym. At least your honest diet anyway. Then, what type of person are you like around your buddies. It all matters.  

However, back to weights..... yes we know many people want “That bod” and you can have it but you will EARN IT. The shape you desire is a result of visible lean body mass.  

success leaves clues .....  Georgia trains here twice a week and does a program in her own gym at work..... we were her education .


Lifting weights is the foundation of strength, then there is supplement exercises that assist them. In the end everyone prefers certain things over other things but certain laws of physics cannot be denied when it comes to practical application of making you stronger.  

Stronger people are hard to break.  

Stronger people will recover quicker. Now take your strength and combine it with cardio or sporting drills or even stationary cardio equipment and your training sessions can you see you burn 800 calories no problem.  

What’s more important is what your doing while your burning them. We like the big exercises the basics and we start there first. Then we can add the fancy stuff later.  


10 minute warm up  

20 minutes of strength  

15 minutes of Assistance exercises  

10 minutes of progressive heart rate zone conditioning. (Because the larger the aerobic base the hard you can train and the longer you’ll last in training. )  

5-10 minute cool down and stretch  


Strong isn’t enough, you need to be strong and FIT.