Because of Muscle


In her 50’s : Client Story : Imelda has been training in the gym for a while, about 3 years. She recently had a fall off her bike, a bad one. Both physio and doctors agreed if it wasn’t for the muscle, her body has from all her training she would of smashed her hips quite bad and broken one at least.

They see falls off bikes all the time.

 Instead because of her strong quads and glutes she got away with a bad bruise.

When you fall off a bike at 35 km your body can save you, if it’s strong enough.

As people age the injuries related to their age is often a fall of some sort and although Imelda’s was a freak accident. The proof is in the muscle.

Something to consider when you’re looking for motivation to train.

Imelda trains in our ABS course at 7:15am Mon/Wed and Fri. The next one starts in October, last for 8 weeks and runs up until Christmas time. 

Training makes your body more durable it’s that simple. Your bones will get thicker (Stronger skeleton) your muscles will get larger and thicker, your connective tissues will get more resilient and basically training makes your harder to break. .....Once you’re doing the right stuff.