Yoga & Cardio machines won’t turn a Donkey into a Stallion


Time and time again new crazes hit the fitness Industry. We understand the desire to be covered in sweat because it helps you feel like you worked really hard. 

Why do you sweat?  

Well because your warm. Your core temperature rises and in an attempt to cool you down your body starts to sweat. It’s a natural thing. Too much sweat isn’t good though and being under hydrated and being very sweaty or profusely sweating for long periods isn’t good. Throw a hangover in there some caffeine and “beast mode” and it’s actually not the right environment for performance.  

Only the Strong survive  

By all means use Yoga and use whatever cardio machines you desire. Use them all as a supplement to weights, resistance and athletic based training because the proof is in the pudding. While each person checks their app to see how many calories they burned, again it’s a case of what you are doing while you are burning those calories. 

For example  

500 calories on a concept 2 rower is good for aerobic training and depending on heart rate, stroke speed and power can be good for conditioning if you manage to stay in the appropriate zone. (About 75-80% of your max heart rate which is hard to do for that length of time considering the type of machine it is.)   The conditioning this machine builds is mostly aerobic and it’s important. 

Now, let’s look at 500 calories (units of energy) burned from a mixture of weights, circuit training and cardio machines based on the goal of improving body composition.  

Training your whole body is always better than one body part or one system because it’s more efficient. Like the workout below

(Everything must match the goal though.)

That’s where a whole body strength exercise like  

1) From the floor to standing 

The clean and press from the floor with a barbell comes in. It basically covers the entire system. Let’s say for arguments sake it was 5 sets of 10 reps, now let’s vary the intensity by monitoring the rest period and heart rate.  Because of the nature of this exercise we’ll do this on its own. After all rest and sets are completed, well move to some more dynamic power exercises. 

Standing rotation and anti rotation 

2) Cable chops on the functional trainer with 30 seconds on, 10 off and do both sides. Work is 60 seconds rest 20. This will lead to an anerobic (high heart rate conditioning effect) because this is a dynamic power move. 

We’ll do 4 sets each side here....  

Now you’re already training like an athlete...  Now on to the general training, superset style.  

Functional Bodybuilding 

A1) Lat Pull down/ Chin up 

A2) OLY style Split squats  

RPE 70% 

x 4 sets  

Largest muscles in the back, grip, quads, hams, glutes 


B1) TRX inverted row 

B2) SL Deadlift 

RPE 70%  

x 5 sets  

muscles of the midback, grip, arms, foot, glutes, hams, lower back and core.  


C1) Croc row

C2) Cosak Squat  

RPE 70% 

muscles of the arm back, groin, grip, quads, hams, glutes and loaded hip mobility.  


x 5 sets  


 C1) DB Snatches x 10 E\S - (Doesn’t have to be heavy) 

C2) Assault bike x 30 secs at top of Recovery RPE 85%

Whole body power move, integrated movement, & cardio system mainly anerobic 

Rest 60 seconds x 10

This is an entirely different animal and it all starts with getting strong and fit first. Use your cardio machines to improve general fitness in the aerobic zones but look to get as strong as possible and train smart. There are lots of training variations and workouts to enjoy, remember it’s goal specific. Get in shape by looking to get FIT and STRONG. A rower (and we have them) makes you good at rowing. Training your body makes everything better at the same time. 



Dean Ward @Fit StudiosComment