Every Morning


Recommended video by Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson. 


Listen to content like this each morning, forget about any adversity, any malice, any conflict, any people who you just can’t please because no matter what you do, good, bad or indifferent people won’t like you and that’s okay. If you do bad things, well then maybe you’re a bit of an idiot and need to sort yourself out. That’s okay lots of people are idiots all in different ways.

A life where you look for validation from everyone is no life at all. It means you are not living for yourself. Stop giving a fuck, but not recklessly do it for yourself.

Ask yourself questions like

“What am I doing to get myself closer to my goals?”

Maybe those goals are health related maybe fitness, maybe just organization. They matter. They really matter.

I’ve worked with hundreds  of people who won’t change and I’ve worked with thousands of people who have. I’m okay with not being able to help everyone because ultimately I don’t control what goes in your mouth. What food are you eating? Because it matters.. 


You know there’s a lot of about you that contributes to your success and at the top of the ladder is being Honest. Honesty is a part of our Ethos. Nothing works without it. Be honest with yourself, your efforts and then you will be fast tracked to success. It’s a given, although a meandering path filled with bumps, dips, cliffs and leaps. That is the best path to be on. 



Your technique and how you train really matters, you can’t just keep doing high intensity training without foundational strength. It won’t last, speaking from over a decade of experience you need a few key attributes with your training which is why we developed BLOX a new training system to replace our early morning circuits. It’s actually the best system we’ve had. We’ve asked ourselves, what will get everyone the best results possible and it’s what we do constantly.  



Here’s a group of people who are not runners including me, but once a week we’re running 11.8k, then getting into the sea to help heal the legs. The difference, accountability and resisting self sabotage on Saturday nights so on Sundays they have control of their outcome AND it lines up with their goals.  


You’re capable of absolutely fantastic things, things but like Brian here pictured below BUT you got to put in that work. Scientifically . 


What questions will you ask yourself? 

Because the person we speak to the most is ourselves. That’s the voice that matters first.  

You ARE in CONTROL and you will get there. Believe you can.  

Rob here pictured below hadn’t ran in 4 years before 3 weeks ago. Rob got up and went.... he got his body there. 


Focus because I know you can do this 



Dean Ward @Fit Studios