Nutrition Continued

Listen, it won’t be for everyone but have you ever tried stopping lying to yourself?  


I’m genuinely interested in what you have to say or do you say things like ? 

• You have to have a life... 

• I can’t sustain that  

• Ugh I’m not good at cooking  

Is that you? Because I’m truly lost at this stage. It’s like people want their bread buttered on both sides, toasted, covered in chocolate and doused in icing sugar... 

Is that you? Be HONEST because if you want results it won’t happen with being Honest with yourself. If you’re not a good cook that’s fine, honestly you don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey at all. Simply being able to make scrambled eggs and put some rice on a microwave will be a good start. 

Is it all salads though? 


No, no, no.... salads are great though but of courses there’s more. The first thing is NUTRIENTS. This may sound simple and obvious because it is. Seriously, eat some vegetables and you’ll be instantly healthier. 

After all these fitness quests are suppose to be about health. I’ve added some of the pictures of the food I eat, regularly. 

This may look simple and it is, I’ve often no time to cook and I really enjoy food close to its natural state. 


I’m adding these pictures because not everyone needs to be a master piece. Your ancestors ate bugs, berries,leaves, rabbits, and anything they could find. All we need to do is go to the supermarket, veggie shop and butchers.  

Life is so hard... 

ah Sourdough toasted with Peanut butter and an entire packet of raspberries mashed and Banana. Does this look bad? 


You people want to beat the system just be in a Caloric Deficit, good that means you will lose fat 100% BUT nutrition is your goal first that’s my point. 7 cakes is better than 10 if you’re looking to lose weight. It’s common sense but so is this pictured above it’s better than 7 cakes. 

Does that make sense?  


Can you eat out?  

Heres a meal from the other day below a KAO PAD from TUK. Ideal post workout.  


Hopefully you can see the reoccurring trend here. The food is all real food. There’s very little junk food. I didn’t always eat this way, but I grew up. 

I’ve been cooking since I was 12... 


So when I found out years later than getting healthy really meant exercising and cooking food from scratch within a caloric margin I thought to myself... “it’s that it?” 

Below is some porridge bread, watermelon, berries and Greek yogurt. All pretty much natural, all full of nutrients. Baring in mind you’ve no allergies. 


Try not to stray far away from natural foods, most products are junk. 

Have bright colours on your plate. Keep it simple, you’ll be healthier, you’ll recover quicker and you’ll be in great shape. 


keep fooling yourself though, and well........ you’ll be a fool. This day in age it’s foolish not to eat healthy. 

Ask for help....


Dean Ward @Fit Studios