5 Tips to Bounce Back after the bank holiday weekend

So here’s the best ways you can bounce back after the bank holiday weekend. They may seem obvious but that’s what we’re here for

1: Drink more water  

Did you have a few beers or cocktails ? Well hydration is one of the first things that curbs your appetite towards eating more food than you need. You see we send the same signals to the body for hunger as we do thirst. So getting regular water through the day is the first step. 

2: Get back to exercise, it’s a 4 day week so have you missed your Monday session? Well if you have walk more this week or plan to get that session in that you missed. After all, more calories and less training is how we gain fat. Especially if you let loose a little too much. What is too much? 4 days of losing focus. To be frank. 



3: Refocus the mind. Listen to a podcast, pick up a book and refocus on your routine. The routine is everything. We just launched a new podcast it’s called STAY FIT with STEVE. Check it out on iTunes or google play.  



4: Eat Whole Foods. Whole Foods are very filling and maybe your system is a little short of nutrients right now. Here’s what you can do ....

  • Get a big salad for lunch  
  • Get some carrot sticks and hummus as a snack  
  • Pick up some fruit like pears, apples and bananas
  • Try a new place for lunch, research the menu and purposely look to include more vegetables. You’ll feel much better. 

5: Tonight go to bed earlier than usual. Your body needs 8 hours sleep. So if you want to bounce back it’s all about the 3 R’s  refueling, refocusing and repairing.