We’re all the same and sleep is number 1.

By Steve Doody 

For 7 years, I’ve been helping people from all walks of life get in shape. I’ve spoken to professional fighters, surgeons, doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, clinical dietitians, 70 year old yoga practitioners, multi millionaire CEOs, taxi drivers, bus drivers, bankers, solicitors, top models, tradesmen, stay home mothers, retirees, actors, admin staff, teachers, and so on... pretty much....... I’ve seen everyone. 

They've all got one thing in common. They are all human. That’s it. People are people so to speak. There is lots they don’t have in common like 

  1. Personal drive  
  2. Natural aggression  
  3. Real reasons to lose fat
  4. The ability to be coached  
  5. Basic understanding of effort  
  6. Pain/Discomfort threshold  
  7. Personal organisation skills
  8. Good support group in their personal life  
  9. A supportive husband/wife/partner  

I could go on all day but these things are the truth and they add to the variables of people’s success to lose fat. It just so happens that tradesmen and fighters and people who lift objects and sweat can be worked quite hard physically because they are use to it, but they also complain that now they have to work hard again. It’s for this reason I believe many tradesmen don’t keep it up for very long. Obviously there is many tradesmen who whether the storm and over time their bodies acclimatise to the physical demands. Some fighters are some of the toughest people I know in terms of the ability to withstand hard physical work and intenisty in the gym, however a lot of fighters binge of junk food. Maybe it’s to accommodate for the tough training, maybe it’s a mental trade off. The closer to pro they get. The better the diet approach usually is but not always because the fact is you don’t have to eat like a nutritionist to be a good fighter but it helps the weight cut. 

Doctors, Nurses, and Clinical Dieticians usually have terrible diets despite their presumed social status as pure beings of health. They are very much just like you. A person. They have a hard and very demanding jobs and often drink lots of coffee and eat lots of sugar. Those on the higher end of management are worse. I guess things change when you are on your feet for 15 hours a day and working shifts and being short staffed or managing 25 people who keep making mistakes. Obviously we can’t speak for everyone and I’m sure there is plenty healthy healthcare people out there but those in the trenches are often finding it just as hard as you. 

Teachers usually end up eating lots of tea, biscuits, cakes and crisps in work. The staff cainteen is full of people coping with adolescent rebellious idiots and I don’t blame them. I was once one of those idiots. 

These three types of workers have one thing in common ... STRESS. Stress is in life and it’s needed in life but like anything too much of it and us humans self medicate with anything we can find to boost our mood. For some people it’s drugs, sweets, alcohol, cakes etc . It’s escapism and it creeps into peoples lives the same way a mother of 1 or 2 at home just can’t get a minute until the child or children are 5 or 6.  

What have we learned so far.... people all experience stress despite their situation, job or location they all experience it. Some people are far better at coping than others. Some people are better at hiding their stress until the weekend and then boom it’s party time.  Some people go to the gym and tire their bodies out physically and mentally to offload the day. 

Some people hate the gym and that’s fine too. Despite your life and stress and all the reasons you have not to do as your told by a coach, life is work.  Dealing with each day and working on yourself is worth the effort. We know this as humans. Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier, this is precisely why we have personal trainers and coaches. People need people despite advances in technology. 

There is a voice in all of us that says,”Sit” like a dog. “Stay” “Don’t move” it’s a very old part of your brain that wants to conserve energy. This is why you shouldn’t sit on the coach when you get home, because you probably won’t get back up.  

 Rule 1 

learn what type of person you are and be honest with yourself.  

Method 1  

Write down what a person like you would need to do in order to take control of their health and physical fitness, baring in mind all physical acts involve mental focus. Physical and mental health are directly linked. Once you have it, review that list now and prioritise the most important thing and start there. For most of you it will be sleep. After reading this in 6 months time it will still be sleep and it won’t change. Sleep is first and it will remain first forever. Once you start to sleep better it will start to automatically reorganize your life. BUT in order to sleep properly you need to go to bed at a reasonable time. Harder for shift workers because of the circadian rhythm but for most people they will fight this too because of 

  1. Husband/wife/partner/room mate (Here’s the solution, tell them you’re going asleep)  
  2. Maybe you’re single, use the mirror. Tell that person to go to bed.  
  3. Childish behavior like staying up binging on TV 
  4. Stress levels too high and some anxiety about sleeping and mind racing 
  5. Burning the midnight oil (Bad time management) 

 Saying NO

Again the list goes on and the excuses mount. It seems to me people are losing their nerve in telling their other half to f*** off and let them sleep.


It seems to me that people let their kids run their lives and allow an 8 year old to stay up till 11pm watching TV.

Rebellious attitude 

It seems to me that people are rebellious because of influential situations in their life  or childhood or job so this time is their time to say NO and do what they want. I find this person normally hates their job or is struggling in work to discuss important topics with management. 

 Take control of your body and use the most important tools you have. Your ability to exercise, sleep and destress. If work and life causes stress what do you do to deal with that in a productive constructive way that is benefiting your life. I believe in doing things that make tomorrow easier. 


Best of luck. Get to work, get to sleep.