ABS Course Deposit

ABS Course Deposit


Next course starts Weds Feb 27th - March 27th

PLEASE NOTE the past two years this course for all times SOLD OUT!

Work on fat loss, increase muscle definition while working with like-minded trainer partners.

  • Train three times a week Mon, Weds and Fri. Choose a time slot 5am, 7am (6am SOLD OUT)

  • Train five times a week Monday to Friday. Choose a time slot 5am, 7am (6am SOLD OUT)

Deposit must be paid to secure your place and the balance is paid on the start of the course.

Classes are taken by Steve our Training Director and Gym Owner. Course has been EXCLUSIVE to FIT STUDIOS since 2012. Join up - STAY FIT!

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The ABS Course is our flag ship course into developing an athletic body.