Beginners Course Deposit - March 5th 2019 - April 25th

Beginners Course Deposit - March 5th 2019 - April 25th


This 8 week course is designed for the complete beginner or for those of you returning to training after a period of inactivity. If you have been thinking about joining the gym but are worried about using the vast array of equipment, or perhaps you are not ready to start training independently, but you are looking to change you body composition, increase endurance, build quality muscle, improve flexibility and most importantly improve your quality of life but don't know where to start then this course will be well suited for you.

Before all the above can be achieved a basic understanding of the fundamentals of functional movement with or without resistance must be acquired in order to reach these goals safely. 

The concept behind the new course is to eradicate any fears about joining a class you may have as everyone is starting here at ground zero.

We believe training for beginners should be focused on function above aesthetics.

Much of our work for this program has been catered to basic human movement patterns as movement is the universal language of human expression. Understanding the how and why of moving will help you aspire to move often.

We will be teaching you the right way to move Lift, Push, Pull, Swing, Hinge, Squat, Jump, Land, Run (You get the picture) You will be educated on the importance also of maintaining a healthy choice in foods

Places are limited on this course to ensure there's no over crowding and you get that personal one-to-one experience with us.

Training is twice a week. Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:30pm. Full fee for this 8 week program is e160

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