Christmas Gift Card

Christmas Gift Card

from 250.00

Our Christmas Gift Vouchers have are available to order now just in time for christmas.

  1. Gift Card 1 : €250 for 6 Personal Training Sessions

  2. Gift Card 2 €425 for 8 Personal Training Sessions and unlimited classes

    (2 personal training sessions per week and unlimited classes for 4 weeks)

Offers 1 & 2 must be used within 4 weeks once the voucher is activated.

3. €850 for 16 Personal Training sessions with 2 months of unlimited classes. 2 Personal Training sessions per week for 8 weeks. All sessions must be used up within 2 months.

4. €500 3 x ABS Course voucher. This voucher must be used for 3 consecutive abs courses.

All vouchers bought must be activated within 3 months from Dec 25th.

Terms and conditions apply.


Upon purchasing your personal training and classes vouchers. Here what you should do next.

  1. Contact the gym and arrange to speak to your personal trainer over the phone or over email.

  2. Prepare yourself well for the training you are about to do. Allocate time to be prepared and organised.

  3. Lower your expectations of yourself and trust the professional trainer that you are working with.

  4. Have some questions ready on training, frequency, fat loss, muscle building, results. What ever the your goals, likes and dislikes are.

  5. If you are interested in nutrition, your trainer can give you a brief description. If you wish to pursue this further we do provide tailored nutritional plans that can be bought for €65.