Personal Training

Personal Training is personal, it’s how you and your coach get results. We have some packages in our Services section that are typical to what we offer, but everything really depends on what you want to achieve and what you need. This can be discovered in our consultation which is happens before any personal training packages can take place. This assessment is for you and your coach to create a plan.

Meet our Team and see some of our clients below too. You can choose from 30 minutes or 60 minute personal training sessions to suit your busy schedule.

All of our trainers are certified, which means they’ve been trained in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.


Fiona Mc Cann

Fiona is Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor based in the locale, having worked for five years with International Clients in Denmark and in India. She takes a balanced, holistic approach looking at all aspects of physical and mental health to help clients achieve their goals. She has helped clients of all ages and fitness levels to make realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes to achieve these goals.

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Steve Doody

company founder

Steve is a personal trainer, fitness instructor and a trx guru. steve is in the fitness industry since 2011.steve takes a full athletic approach to his clients training and believes that strength and stability is the foundation of a fit body.

“working with clients from 8 years old to 70’s there’s never a point in which training won’t serve you, oh and stop eating so much junk. it’s not helping”

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Dean Ward

admin, assistant coach and personal trainer in training with elite performance academy.. Dean has gotten himself in excellent shape and was part of the first abs course we ran here in 2012. like many dean is part of the 71 clients that have gone on to pursue a career in the fitness industry after training here in fitness studios. Dean takes a very down to earth approach on helping people achieve their fitness goals and started his mentorship here in the gym 2 years ago. HAve a look at deans transformation in the courses, 2 years ago here below

Dean’s experience training in the abs course.


Joe Valente

having been through the fitness journey, by starting training in classes back in 2011, joe is another person that has come through the fit studios system and now helps people week in, week out achieve their fitness goals. one of joes top tips is to just get moving. eqf level 4 personal trainer and hosts the famous sunday circuits.